Author, ORIGO Education, Australia


Calvin Irons has been involved in mathematics education for over 50 years. He started his career as a specialist teacher of mathematics in Iowa after completing his BA, and MA at the University of Northern Iowa in 1967. Dr. Irons received his PhD from Indiana University in 1975 (the dissertation topic was the teaching of division). In 1975, he accepted a position at the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia where he has been involved in the teaching and the development of mathematics curricula for elementary schools. He has received outstanding achievement awards from the university for his work and in year 2014 was the student’s nominee for University Outstanding Teacher of the Year from a university faculty of over 3000 professors. He is the author/co-author of over 600 books or articles including the award winning Stepping Stones K-5 mathematics curriculum, published by ORIGO Education – a company he cofounded in 1997.


Keynote talk: Using Mental Strategies as The Foundation for Computational Thinking (K-6)

Computational thinking can begin in the primary grades through the development of mental strategies for the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). This session will outline a teaching sequence and describe strategies for each operation that are appropriate for students in grades K to 6.


Workshop: Practical activities to develop Computational Thinking strategies (K to 6)

There are many practical activities that can be used to encourage students to think when they compute. This session will engage participants in a variety of activities using concrete and pictorial materials as well as games to support the development of mental strategies and computational thinking.